Ray Ban

Ray Ban is a globally renowned brand that is known for its high-quality eyewear products. One of the popular products they offer is the Ray Ban RB 4227 6193,88 sunglasses. These sunglasses are designed specifically for women and feature a brown, grey gradient frame. With a lens size of 55-17-140 mm, they provide the perfect fit for most face shapes.

For kids, Ray Ban offers a wide range of stylish sunglasses that prioritize both fashion and functionality. The Ray Ban RJ 9048-S 175/71 sunglasses come in a trendy gradient blue, pink, and green frame. With a size of 52-13-115 mm, they are designed to fit comfortably on children's faces.

The Ray Ban RJ 9050S 100S-3R sunglasses are another popular choice for kids. These sunglasses feature a black frame with a green flash lens, providing a cool and modern look. With a size of 45-16-125 mm, they are suitable for children of various ages.

If you are looking for classic black sunglasses, the Ray Ban RJ 9052S range has multiple options for kids. The 100-2 model comes with a black frame and green classic lenses, while the 100S-3R model features a black and grey green frame. Both models have lens sizes of 47-15-125 mm, ensuring a comfortable fit for kids.

For a touch of color, the Ray Ban RJ 9052S 100S-6Q sunglasses are the perfect choice. With a black and red frame, they add a pop of vibrancy to any outfit. These stylish sunglasses have a lens size of 48-16-130 mm, ensuring a great fit for kids.

The Ray Ban RJ 9052S 177-87 sunglasses offer a unique option with a purple-grey classic frame. Designed for kids, these sunglasses have a lens size of 48-16-130 mm, providing a comfortable and fashionable fit.

Lastly, the Ray Ban RJ 9056S range includes the 187-2 and 7012-3 models. The 187-2 sunglasses have a black frame and green classic lenses, while the 7012-3 model features a black-brown classic frame. Both models have a lens size of 50-16-110 mm, catering to kids looking for a trendy and comfortable eyewear option.

In conclusion, Ray Ban offers a diverse range of sunglasses for women and kids, each with its unique style and design. Whether you prefer classic black or vibrant colors, Ray Ban has something to offer for everyone. With their focus on quality and fashion, Ray Ban is a trusted brand when it comes to eyewear.
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